Robert Costello

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Everyone asks for tips on fun places to visit in Chicago. 
Here's a few for your consideration:
Andy's Jazz Bar Good jazz. What did you expect? Ok, they have blues on Friday night.
Howl at the Moon
Be prepared for fun. Audience participation included. Susie and I were
pulled up on stage and, well, all I'm going to say is that I can never
run for Senator in the state of Illinois.
Irish American Heritage Center Go on a Friday or Saturday night and hear good Irish music at the tavern. No cover charge.
Lincoln Karaoke Unbelievable fun. If you don't believe me, look it up on
Zebra Lounge I'll have to try this some day. Mixed reviews on Yelp.
Gibson's Steakhouse Good steak, and a good place to find celebrities.
The Hideaway Kind of a cheesy place, but worth a visit if you'd like to brag that you visited
Al Capone's old hideout. Plenty of gangster souvenirs available for purchase, including a bottle of Tommy Gun Vodka, which comes in a bottle shaped like the old Tommy Gun.