Robert Costello

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Chicago.  April 7, 2006.

Hollywood Can Wait

There was some very good writing and some very good acting last night, and when the two met,
there were some very good performances.  In the end, "My Fair Oleanna" did not fall into that
mix. "Outdated and obscure", said one critic (Ok, it was my thirteen year old daughter. We'll
see how that plays out when she wants her own car!)

In all fairness, the stage version of "My Fair Lady" dates from 1956.  The film version
with Audrey Hepburn was produced in 1964. Familiarity would have been a helpful partner
in the execution of this script.

Some of the stronger performances included "Glengarry Glen Oz", by Kenneth Green,
and "David Mamet's Annie", by Marjorie Gustafson. A near capacity crowd at the
Subterranean applauded, laughed, and shared their enthusiasm for the ten
scripts, making the night a truly enjoyable one.

This writer walks away with a t-shirt, a Nalgene bottle emblazoned with the Goodman Theater
logo, and the satisfaction that in a handful of short train rides, he penned a script
that finished in the Goodman's top ten.

My heartfelt thanks to all for all the good wishes, and a great big thanks to everyone who